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Sew for Life
Beginner Series

Sewing by the Sea offers Palmer Pletsch Certified Sewing Instruction in a curriculum based approach. Each level builds skills and prepares the student for the next steps. The projects have been carefully chosen, to allow for a smooth, efficient learning process. After completion of the beginner levels, the student will have the foundation to proceed with greater independence. Sewing is an important life skill and benefits from a strong foundation. If you want to learn to Sew for Life, this is the course for you.

Once the three level foundation is laid, there is opportunity to spread your wings and join one of the “Sewcial Gathering” group classes where you can bring your own pattern choice and receive guidance when required. These are fun classes where you can learn from others, and enjoy a creative and social time with friends. If there is a specific skill you need to learn, you can book a private class for that instruction.

All classes have a maximum of 4 students. A minimum of 2 students is required to run the class.  There will be one make-up class offered for each class session.

If the dates of the current classes do not work for you, please email the studio at and we will try to accommodate your schedule requirements.

Level One

One 2 hour class

One student:  $60.  Two - four students: $40

Basic skills will be taught during this fun class while you become familiar with the sewing machine and complete a small project to take home.

All supplies are included.

Level Two

Four 2 hour classes

One student: $240.  Two - four students: $160
Building on the skills from level one, you will construct an apron or flannel pajama pants or shorts. Don’t forget, you can make these for yourself or someone else. Let the skills acquired here, take you to the next level!

Pattern is supplied.
Fabric must be purchased prior to class. Local resources listed below.

Level Three

Five 2 hour classes

One student: $300.  Two - four students: $200
The last of the beginner levels brings you to this rewarding project. Choose a fun fabric to make yourself a fresh, modern dressing robe. During this class, we can discuss future projects and patterns. The choices are endless!

Pattern is supplied.
Fabric must be purchased prior to class. Local resources listed below.

Project Class

One 2 hour class

One student:  $40.  Two to four students: $40

Prerequisite:  Sewing Basics, Level 1 and 2.  (Level 3 optional)

You've got your foundation!  Choose your own pattern and apply your new skills to make your choice of project. 

There is no specific instruction but I'll be here to help if you need it.

Sew with Knits Series

Sew for Life Series, Level 1 and 2, or previous sewing experience.

Level One

2 hour class

One student: $60.  Two to four students: $40

This beginner class is designed to teach the basics of sewing with knits with a regular sewing machine. Stitching a simple beanie hat, or one size baby pants will allow you to quickly apply techniques that are unique to knit fabrics. These items can be given away or donated if not useful to you personally. Remember, it’s about the learning!

If you are a confident serger operator, you may use a serger in this class, but only if you are familiar with threading and problem solving. Time in this class does not allow for learning how to thread or command your serger. You may bring your own machine or use the studio machines.

All supplies are included.

Level Two

7 hour class - Divided into one hour-long class , and three 2 hour classes

One student:  $210.  Two to four students:  $140

Using the skills from Level One, move on to constructing a t-shirt, dress or tunic top. The first hour long class includes a discussion of fabric choice, pattern size and design options. Prior to the second class, your reusable, personal pattern will be ready for you.

Pattern is supplied.
Fabric must be purchased prior to class. Local resources listed below.

Level Three

Three 2 hour classes

One student: $180.  Two to four students: $120

Who doesn’t love a cozy pair of joggers? Step up your skills to construct joggers with leg cuffs and an elastic waist with an optional drawstring.

Pattern is supplied.
Fabric must be purchased prior to class. Local resources listed below.

General Sewing Instruction

Pattern and Fabric Consultation

In person or Facetime - 1/2 hour


Choosing patterns and fabric can be completely overwhelming! Let me guide you to choosing a pattern that matches your skill level, and fabric that is suitable to the pattern, two elements that are critical in sewing success.

Private or Semi-private Sewing Instruction

2 hour minimum, 2 student minimum

One student: $60.  Two students: $40

If group lessons aren’t your thing or you need one on one help with a project, book a 2 hour class and I’ll give you all my attention!

Learn to Serge

2 hour private class

Sergers can be scary and intimidating! Let me help you get it out of the box, out of the closet, or out from under your bed! I’ll teach you the basics so you can feel better about your investment!

Sewing for Seniors

Email to inquire

I have taught seniors up to the age of 98! Gentle projects such as a bookmark, scarf or simple Christmas decoration are manageable for most seniors, and if they don’t complete the project, I will complete it for them afterwards. The idea is to ignite and discuss memories of creative times, creating a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The daughter of one senior student who has some dementia, said that after spending time in the sewing studio, her mother was more cognitively alert and present than usual, for several days after the class.

All supplies are included.

Children and Youth Instruction

Ages 9 and beyond.

Watching my young students learn to sew has taught me so much! I am inspired by their confidence and curiosity. The studio provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the students, allowing them to be creative and expressive in their projects. As the numbers of students ebbs and flows, I endeavour to group them together in terms of age, skill level and personality.

Children and youth class scheduling is flexible according to my availability so email me to inquire about possibilities.

Intro to Sewing

One 1 hour class

Private rate  $30

Multi student discount  $20

Your child will be introduced to the sewing machine, learn how to operate it safely, and will complete a small project.

All supplies included.

Sewing Basics for Kids/Teens

Six 1 hour classes

Private rate $180

Multi student discount $120

Your child will complete a baking or artist apron which teaches them the skills they need to continue on to other projects.

The pride they will feel from making this first project is always sweet to see.

Pattern is supplied. Fabric purchase required.

After School Stitch Club

1 hour class

Multi week session lengths vary according to availability


After completing Intro to Sewing and Sewing Basics, your child will be ready to join one of the after school groups. Over the semester, they will work on various craft and garment projects, building their skills and having lots of fun while they do it.

Supplies for small projects will be supplied, but larger projects will require a fabric purchase prior to class.

Advanced Stitch Club

1.5 hour class

Multi week session lengths vary according to availability


After completion of many projects in the After School Stitch Club, your child may be ready to join the advanced sewists and take on more complex projects.

Supplies for small projects will be supplied, but larger projects will require a fabric purchase prior to class.

Mentoring Through Sewing

1 hour class


Youth mentoring through volunteering with the John Howard’s KidStart program has been of particular interest for Colleen for the past several years. She has used sewing as a type of art therapy for several at-risk, or disadvantaged youth. She develops a good rapport with the students and provides a safe & comfortable atmosphere for discovering creativity, while building confidence & relationship.